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Panthera, the new Motic's upright microscope line  revolutionizes the conventional microscope concept by creating a Smart Microscope. Its design, together with  its new optics and digital capabilities, makes it the microscope  of tomorrow.

Motic Panthera

The Panthera Compound Microscope Series has been carefully designed  keeping in mind  Form & Functionality . The components chosen for the Panthera microscopes have been analysed down to the last detail to find the perfect design in terms of practicality and aesthetics. The new Plan UC objectives stand out for its ultra-high contrast and very flat Field of View, which together with the UC Widefield Eyepieces brings you bright, detailed and sharp images for new insights. Panthera’s light management system stands out for its automation. The digital intensity knob teams up with the coded LED nosepiece and the illuminator to offer you information about the light intensity, or the microscope’s mode, as well as memorizing the light intensity  of each objective.

The Panthera S Designed for usage in schools, the Panthera S includes several features to make this model ideal for school use. A 180° rotatable head and an integrated power cord compartment help to save space for mass storage. Also included are ASC optics, and an extreme efficient low power led illumination. This enables the Panthera S to run on a mobile battery pack for several hours, while offering vivid, high quality images. 

The Panthera E has a rackless stage and a 360º rotatable head specially for space-saving storage. It has Plan SC optics and an extreme efficient low power illumination, allowing it to run on a Mobile Battery Pack for several hours. The Panthera E is able to perform the following contrast methods: Phase contrast and Darkfield.

Panthera U is a user-friendly microscope with“Motic LightTracer” digital illumination control and Premium Plan UC optics that delivers unmatched color fidelity and definition. It has a 3W LED illumination easily interchangeable with different color temperature LED bulbs, and a newly designed 2-slide compact rackless stage.

Panthera C is a model for the traditional Microscope user. It is a Classical all-rounder, providing both Halogen and LED Full Kohler illumination with manual light management.

Panthera L is literally a Smart Microscope. It stands out for its unseen combination of build-in Digital Capabilities. Its Smart CAM digital head and the ImagingOnDevice System simplifies your daily work, allowing you to work directly from your microscope to an HDMI screen with the help of a mouse, or work with your tablet and the Panthera App. The LAN port offers you the option of running a DigiClass, or remote image sharing.

The Panthera L has been honored with the established Red Dot Awardfor its innovative design in combination with smart functionality. Know more here.

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