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Motic is constantly innovating and leading the next generation of microscopy. From Wi-Fi compatibility to mobile integration and more, it is no surprise why many see Motic as a technological leader in scientific instruments

Motic's innovation in product development is changing the way microscopy is being done. Gone are the days where scientific professionals may experience neck pains and cumbersome sample sharing between colleagues. Innovative solutions such as the Wi-Fi Moticam X and tablet camera Moticam BTU10 are transforming the way scientific professionals interact with their microscopes and samples. Smart professionals are projecting their samples onto a monitor, allowing team members to see what's under the scope. The face of microscopy is changing. Many laboratories are joining the Digital Laboratory movement through Motic's tablet solutions, the Moticam BTU10 series, and reaping benefits in efficiency and ergonomics. 

Advances in product development have allowed Motic to release the world's first "Smart Microscope". 


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