February is Science and Tech Appreciation Month

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February is Science and Technology month and we would like to dedicate this month to all the science and technology professionals out there. 

This is to all the science educators in the classrooms training up the next generation of scientists,

To all the researchers and graduate students working hard in their laboratories eagerly looking forward to the next breakthrough,

To all the engineers manufacturing the products we use every day,

To all the lab technicians and scientific professionals in food, healthcare, agriculture and many fields.

We want to say, thank you for all that you are doing to advance mankind. Thank you for your research discoveries, the products you manufacture, the people you educate and the many things our society has today because of Science. 

To present our appreciation towards Scientific professionals, Motic is proud to offer 10% off on microscopes and cameras for the month of February Use SCITECH10 to get your discount code today to enjoy the savings*.

Supporting STEM

Motic America Team




*Promocode does not apply to clearance items


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