K-700L Stereo Microscope

K-700L Stereo Microscope

  • $1,611.00

Equipped standard with the user friendly function of zoom, the K700 offers the convenience of 5.2:1 zoom ratio with the optical clarity of the Common Main Objective [CMO] optical system. The combination of the K700"s optical zoom with its variety of accessories expands the system into different fields based upon the user"s selection. The system can be expanded up to a maximum magnification of 198X or a maximum field of view of 127.8mm, all dependent on your need.

The K700 is available in two mounting formats [pole mount with built in incident illumination and pole mount with no built in illumination] for adaptation to your system instead of your system adapting to the microscope. Outfitting the K700 with one of the optional boom stands offers the zoom convenience of continuously zoom in and out on large specimens in perfect parfocality and optical clarity to investigate a specific area within a general location.

Also available as dual discussion system, DSK-700, the K700 offers the option of discussion or training without multiple systems and the transporting of samples around the laboratory.

  • Common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system
  • Binocular head, 45º inclined
  • Widefield eyepieces WF10X/23mm
  • Standard 1X Achromatic objective
  • 5,2:1 Zoom ratio
  • Objective magnification range: 0.6X-3.1X
  • Standard total magnification: 6X-31X
  • Standard max. Field Diameter 38.3mm
  • 89mm working distance
  • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
  • Incident and Transmitted light large working area stand, 12V/10W halogen illumination with intensity control
  • Supplied standard with black, white and frosted glass stage plates, blue filter and dust cover

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