Motic New Lab Startup Program

New Lab, New Microscopes
Special deals for new labs on Motic Microscopes and Cameras.

Do you have a new Lab or have you moved to a new location? Motic is committed to helping science professionals with the research. 

  • Are you looking for new microscopes?
  • Are you upgrading older microscopes?
  • Is your lab expanding?
  • Did you just received a new grant?  
  • Do you want to lock in great discounts?

Please fill out the form below. Your local Motic sales representative will be happy to discuss options with you. You deserve to have your lab equipped with the highest quality, microscopes, cameras and service and an incredibly affordable price and we want to help you.


  • Volume Discount
  • Special help hotline for setting up motic products
  • Consultations on choosing the right microscopes

Who can join?

  • Science professionals starting a new lab
  • Science professionals moving into a new space
  • Science professionals who have received their first research grant
  • Educators
  • Clinics
  • Lab managers
  • Researchers 
  • Government labs
  • Institutions


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