How to Change Illumination for Motic BA Compound Microscopes

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Not sure how to install your replacement LED or halogen lamp to your compound microscope? This guide will give you step by step instructions to installing the lighting module.

Step 1 - Identify the compound microscope model

Motic BA compound microscope series are categorized as Elite and Standard models (non elite models). Check the side of your microscope to see the model number and variant. Elite models can switch between halogen and LED while standard models are fixed to the lighting configuration they're manufactured as. BA elite models' illumination housing can be easily accessed with a hatch. BA standard illumination housing does require a bit of loosening screws. 

Step 2 - Identify the bulb

Once you identified the microscope model and gained access to the illumination compartment, you can see whether it is a LED or a halogen bulb. The following are the common replacement bulbs or LED modules:

For standard models:

For Elite models:

Note that the BA410 uses a different power setting than the BA210/310s. 

If in doubt, feel free to contact our technical support team at

3- Changing the lamps

The videos below show step by step procedure to changing the lamps on the standard and the Elite models respectively. 

Changing the LED lamp for the BA210 and BA310

The BA210 and BA310 use a illumination board for LED. The video below shows you step by step how to gain access to the illumination space and change your LED illumination board. 



Changing the lighting for the BA210E/BA310E/BA410E (Elite series)

One of the key features of the BA Elite series is the interchangeability between LED and Halogen. Users can open up a hatch at the bottom of the microscope to switch between LED and Halogen. The video below shows how to 

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