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Network software - Motic Net

MoticNet lets you manage your class with ease

MoticNet offers the teacher a live overview for each student Digital Microscope Station. This overview can be extended to cover up to 32 individual microscopes with wifi cameras/tablets, so that even larger classes can be managed by a single teacher with ease. Knowing instantly what is going on at each station, the teacher can focus on presenting the actual teaching material. Additionally, the work at one student's station can also be shared with the entire classroom.

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Motic Images Plus 3.2 Advanced

This is the most sophisticated imaging software from Motic. In addition of the Motic Images Plus 3.0 features, capture, video recording, measurement, counting and amalgamation, the Motic Advanced 3.2 includes three different modules, segmentation, multi-focus and assembly.

Segmentation The superior counting module allows to perform manual segmentation by using a histogram (colour), grey scale or by selecting the size.

Assembly This module can be used for creating a single overview image out of multiple separated images.

Multi-focus The Multi-focus module can be used to capture up to 100 images taken at different focusing levels and assemble them into a new single image in focus.

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Mobile devices Applications - Free App MotiConnect and MotiConnect Pro

Having a Wi-Fi microscope or camera, the free MotiConnect App is the only thing a user needs to wirelessly connect their microscope to mobile devices.

Users can download the MotiConnect App for free from the Google Play store or the iTunes Apple Store. With it, you will be able to view, edit, capture and store your images in the blink of an eye, view live images on multiple wireless devices and share your work with anyone in just a few clicks. The MotiConnect App makes data sharing possible in a collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork and collective learning experiences.

There’s also a more advanced app, the MotiConnect Pro, with more options like live measurements and creating reports.

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EasyStitch Pro Software

EasyStitch Pro allows you to work on large area samples of Pathology, Histology or any other field of interest. Simply mount a Moticam Pro S5 Lite camera on your Panthera C2 Trinocular microscope, adjust the camera for a perfect match of single still images and start the EasyStitch Pro software. Create perfect overview images of whole slides or individually defined Regions of Interest. Manually move the X/Y-stage of your microscope, the EasyStitch Pro automatically stitches the single images for a full picture!   

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