MotiConnect App - Your True WiFi Microscope Learning Platform

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Having a WiFi microscope or camera, the free MotiConnect App is the only thing a user needs to wirelessly connect their microscope to mobile devices.

With it, you will be able to view, edit, capture and store your images in the blink of an eye, view live images on multiple wireless devices and share your work with anyone in just a few clicks. The MotiConnect App makes data sharing possible in a collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork and collective learning experiences.

There’s also a more advanced app, the MotiConnect Pro, with more options like live measurements and creating reports.

You can download the MotiConnect App for free from the Google Play store or the iTunes Apple Store. For Mac, Windows and Linux computers, you can get the free app from here.

    Watch the videos below:

      MotiConnect App for computers - First steps

      Here's how to get started with our free MotiConnect App for computers. You'll learn how to download and install the app, select your device for the first time, and a general overview of the main tools and features of this fantastic microscopy app.

      MotiConnect App - Calibration & Measurements

      Wondering how to calibrate and take measurements on the MotiConnect App? Find out how easy it is to start with your investigation by watching this video, and discover how to make annotations and measurements on the great free MotiConnect microscopy App.

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