Product of the Month: Panthera C2!

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Panthera C2 is a new world-class level cased in a revolutionary technical future-orientated solution, now accessible for life sciences. Stunning Ultra Contrast Optics for best insights, convincing performance of the dual-slide holder for one-hand operation, and intelligent light management with an LED “Feedback indicator”: a setup ready to smoothen your daily workflow. The Panthera C2 is prepared for Phase contrast with slider or turret condenser, Polarization contrast, and Darkfield. It is even possible to integrate a ready-to-go LED Fluorescence module, allowing to apply this advanced method without the multiple problems associated with mercury bulb usage.

Being the most recent member of the Motic Panthera Microscope Series, it allows, through its modular design and versatile functional modules, a very high degree of customer specific selection of capabilities. It can be fitted with a fully Digital work environment featuring touchscreen and wireless operation as well as with a very simple base stand with nothing but a moving Z-Stage in order to provide the most cost efficient solution. It can be used with different single Wavelength modules, user can simply slide in a different Wavelength module and continue his work with a different Fluorescence application.

Got curious about its fluorescence capabilities? Here's a picture of Motic's "EPI-LED S FLUORESCENCE" bundle (available now)!


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