Digitize Your Class with MoticNet

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Experience the next level of teaching innovation with our MoticNet System. Seamlessly connect all classroom microscopes, observe live images from any microscope in the room, and engage your students.

With MoticNet software, you can annotate, compare, and instantly share screens, promoting dynamic participation and enhancing knowledge retention. Plus, It allows effortless file transfers, live streams and measurements with an intuitive interface.

MoticNet offers two powerful software solutions, for both educators and students. The Teacher Software, designed for educators, seamlessly integrates with Windows, while the Student Software consists of an app available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Additionally, you can project microscope images onto a TV or screen, creating a fully immersive and engaging learning experience for increased efficiency.

MoticNet - Empowering educators to inspire, engage, and transform classrooms.

    Watch the videos below:

      MoticNet digital classroom - Top 10 Features

      In this video highlighting the top 10 features of MoticNet, you can explore the potential of this network system.

      MoticNet digital classroom demo

      In this video we will talk about the MoticNet software, how its uses and tools digitalise both the teaching and the learning experience.

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