COVID-19 Notice to Customers

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Dear Valued Customers,
As you know, the COVID-19 situation is fast moving and we are taking the required steps to keep our facilities open, ensure orders are going out in a timely manner and create a safe work environment for our customers and team members.
Our customer support will now be working remotely
Depending on the ongoing situation, we may not be able to respond if you call our office. During this time, we ask that you email us any of your questions or concerns instead.

For sales related questions, please email

For technical questions, please email

We will still be shipping out orders to our customers until further notice.
In order to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, since early march we have taken the following measures:

  1. Imposed work from home for most staff. Only necessary critical employees (Eg. Warehouse and Shipping) are at our locations.
  2. Increased decontamination efforts at our locations with minimum 6ft distance between employees. Constant hand cleansing are exercised and employee health are monitored.
  3. Lock down on all visitors at our offices, only critical visitors allowed.
  4. No travel, local or international
  5. No direct contact with customers unless preapproved by management for essential/emergency needs. 

Please note that if you have an order with us, we will be confirming with you to see if you are able to receive your shipment prior to ship out to ensure it does not get rejected upon delivery.

We are closely monitoring recommendations from public health organizations and the local government.
We appreciate your patience and remain committed to you as we navigate these unprecedented times.

We wish you, your colleagues and families good health and safety durign this

Your Motic Team

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