Product of the Month: BA210 Elite!

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Motic is committed to the concept of continuously improving its models, listening to the demands of both Educational as well as Professional markets. The successfully established BA210 model was no exception. With the newly developed BA210E model, once again Motic has challenged itself to stride ahead of the competition. 

Meant to be used in Educational life sciences, Medical and a variety of Biological applications, the BA210E is designed for ease of use and longevity due to Motic's complete understanding of the educational market.

The BA210E model introduces student-proof features both in optical and mechanical aspects. The new rackless stage concept without prominent gear rack allows even more convenient use of the x/y movement, while increasing user safety in teaching situations.

For full freedom of illumination options, the new model BA210E has an easy interchangeability of its 6V/30W Halogen bulb with LED modules of different colour temperatures (4500K, 6000K). Extended life-time of LEDs here is combined with cost saving aspects. Light consuming contrast methods like Phase contrast, Polarization or Dark field can easily performed.

A series of new EC-Plan Achromat objectives with extended working distances for sample protection has been derived from the flagship model BA410. Motic’s CCIS® Infinity concept incorporates a fully corrected intermediate image for digital access, delivering professional optical performance also in education and training situations. The complete BA210E microscope is manufactured in accordance with current RoHS standards and thus avoids lead-containing materials in student environments.


Some examples of what you can do with it:


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