Product of the Month: BA410 Elite!

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The BA410 Elite is Motic’s brand new approach for a professional research microscope with best image quality options. Universities and laboratories with applications in hematology, cytology and histology will look for this flexible microscope platform with a superb performance in optics and mechanics.


The BA410 Elite concept allows an easy upgrade to an EPI-Fluorescence microscope by using the established 100W mercury technology, giving maximum freedom in choosing a suitable filter combination. A complete range of filter cubes is available, covering all routine applications from UV up to NIR excitation. Equipped with band pass barrier filters, multi color applications can also be performed. An overview of Motic’s standard filters is available by our Fluorescence brochure. Besides the established filter combinations individual settings are feasible by using an empty filter housing, equipped with a selected choice of exciter, dichroic and barrier filter. Depending on the desired number of filter cubes the user may choose between a 4-position slider mechanism and a 6-fold turret carrier. Both illuminators are mounted between microscope stand and eyepiece tube. The 100 Watt HBO lamp house with integrated mirror for improved light management offers a powerful excitation for brighter signals. In order to avoid unnecessary fading, the excitation intensity can be regulated by the power supply. In combination with a CCD camera from Motic's Professional series, excellent images results are ensured.


Some Fluorescence Pictures!


BA410 Elite is in stock today! Let us know what you think!

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