Panthera Generation 2 Launch

Posted by Motic America on

Certainly, we have not reinvented the microscope, but we listened to your demands. Discover the 2nd Generation of PANTHERA: developed with you in mind. The right choice is now much more simple to find in the jungle of performance awards and amongst the crowded market of solutions. Exchange non-contemporary instruments for one with excellent quality to price ratio. 
Shaped and developed for the teaching environment: the new Panthera E2 series, a series that leaves little to the imagination. With its reliable and robust construction, modern design, and technology, it is the perfect microscope on many different levels. Explore endless possibilities and inspire your students with a whole new world of microscopy with Motic.
Learn more about the golden rule of light microscopy with the new Panthera C2 series. Evolved for even the highest demanding routine lab or biomedical application fields. From its hardware to illumination, and everything in between: it’s your microscope. 


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